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Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers - 5th ed - MA Cengage Learning 2021 - 704

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Learn how your life connects to the latest discoveries in physics with MODERN PHYSICS FOR SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS. This updated fifth edition offers a contemporary, comprehensive approach with a strong emphasis on applications to help you see how concepts in the book relate to the real world. Discussions on the experiments that led to key discoveries illustrate the process behind scientific advances and give you a historical perspective. Included is a thorough treatment of special relativity, an introduction to general relativity, and a solid foundation in quantum theory to help you succeed. An updated WebAssign course features a mobile-friendly ebook and a variety of assignable questions to enhance your learning experience. WebAssign for MODERN PHYSICS FOR SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS helps you prepare for class with confidence. Its online learning platform helps you unlearn common misconceptions, practice and absorb what you learn and begin your path as a future physicist or engineer. Tutorials walk you through concepts when you're stuck, and instant feedback and grading let you know where you stand--so you can focus your study time and perform better on in-class assignments and prepare for exams. Study smarter with WebAssign!

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